More Street Art

The last post was about a delightful piece of street art, so lifelike that you could almost pet those little dogs.  I want to talk a bit more about street art because we generally have the impression that all graffiti is gang-related or vandalism or both.  I have seen that kind as well and it’s not what I am talking about.  There is street art almost everywhere you go anymore it seems, so here are a few samples of what I’ve seen that I consider to be Art.

sidewalk stencil in Toronto, September 2008

The above stencil was on the sidewalk every few blocks in Toronto.  It seems that someone definitely had an opinion about the United States rationale for the war in Iraq.

Jonathan with The Wall, Berlin July 2008 (Tiff's photo)

The East Side Gallery, the small east side segment of the Berlin Wall along the river, is a perpetual work in progress.  Who knows how many layers deep the art goes.  Some of it is pretty loose, just scribbles (as you can see over the top of the crowded faces) but mixed in are some artistically presented messages — above, voices of the people and below, Peace, Love, and Respect.

Berlin Wall, July 2008 (Tiff's photo)

Chinatown, San Francisco June 2011

The wall of this building is a mixture of advertising and cultural statements. 

The back alley, Toronto, Sept. 2010

This last photo is from a little off-street in Toronto, the walls along the back alley were covered with very well done pop art.  Really beautiful. 

These are only a few samples of what we’ve seen in our travels.  I think we saw more in Berlin than anywhere else. Although there was some scrappy, spray can stuff that didn’t seem like anything more than just something to do, most of it was very well done, had taken time and skill.  Perhaps communities should consider providing walls for budding artists to practice and develop this skill — I’m not sure whether it would cut down on the non-artistic, just-angry-at-the-world graffiti, however, because there will always be those who are expressing themselves at the expense of others. If good, artistic work was encouraged, however, maybe some of these after-dark artists would gain the confidence and support to bring their good works to a productive venue where all can enjoy them.  Just a thought….

About Karmen

I'm just someone who loves this beautiful earth. I feel that human beings may be writing their own final chapter by the general disregard for the natural systems and unwillingness to adapt to the conditions of our own creation. I believe that God created this world and everything in it, both living and nonliving. I also believe that he expects us to treat it well, to treat it with the same love and respect as He had for it during the creation. The commandment was not only to "multiply" but also to "replenish the earth." We can do better.
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