Music on the Plateau

I hope when you visit national parks or monuments you take the time to stop at the visitor’s centers.  All offer books, calendars, t-shirts, hats, etc. tied to the place you are visiting or others nearby. There are also items for kids to stoke their interest in stars, dinosaurs and bugs, hoping that when they return home they’ll still be interested in the natural world. Have you taken the time to put on the headphones and listen to the cds?  I try to pick up a new cd every trip I make.  It is not only good music but it reconnects me to the trip, the place, and the people.

Music often has an identifiable geographical element reflecting the culture and landscape.  The southwest and mountainwest V.Cs. have a strong Native American offering, R. Carlos Nakai and his beautiful flute for example, as well as others who have studied and contributed to the Native American genre.  The V.Cs. also offer music that evokes images and the “feel” of the landscape itself — vistas, canyons, trees and water–through the music itself as well as ambient sounds — birds, wind, leaves and again, water . Turn off any other music you have going right now and click on “Escalante to listen  to this sample from  Peaks, Plateaus & Canyons, produced by Orange Tree Productions, and part of The National Park Series.  Once the audio player begins you can return to this window to finish reading.  From the National Park Series I have also purchased Great Smoky Mountains, The Living Desert, Native Lands, and The Sounds of The Rocky Mountains, all distill  place into sound.

Hiking to Druid Arch, Needles District, Canyonlands N.P.

“Escalante” takes my mind back to the hike to Druid Arch in the Needles District of Canyonlands.  I feel the walking pace, hear the bird calls and can almost smell the cliff rose and sage.  I hope you enjoy the clip and that you listen to the samples for the other cds linked above.  Orange Tree, in the National Park Series, has many others as well, some may be parks that you have visited or in regions where you live.  You can see for yourself how music evokes place.

About Karmen

I'm just someone who loves this beautiful earth. I feel that human beings may be writing their own final chapter by the general disregard for the natural systems and unwillingness to adapt to the conditions of our own creation. I believe that God created this world and everything in it, both living and nonliving. I also believe that he expects us to treat it well, to treat it with the same love and respect as He had for it during the creation. The commandment was not only to "multiply" but also to "replenish the earth." We can do better.
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