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You Guys Wait Right Here…

Walking through San Francisco on a recent trip we saw this wall art on the side of a building, I think it was either a small cafe or a bar.  Whichever, the artist purposely positioned his well-behaved subjects in their … Continue reading

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Going to the Mountains – Chinese Poetry

I’m not sure why I’m drawn to Chinese poetry, I’m not a poet, don’t have a degree in English nor am I even a student of the arts other than appreciation.  Chinese poetry, however, I not only enjoy, but can … Continue reading

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Middlemarch – an exercise in love

I’m making it easy on myself today and am reposting a review of this wonderful book that I did for another blog.  The reason I want it on both websites is because Middlemarch is about a place, a place that … Continue reading

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A Closer Look

How often do you take time to examine a tree?  I don’t mean just taking in the tree as a whole, but getting right next to it and observing the patterns and colors in the bark.  My time spent working … Continue reading

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Light and Place

Is it possible to make a living by simply watching light?  Monet did. Vermeer did.  I believe Vincent did too.  They painted light in order to witness the dance between revelation and concealment, exposure and darkness.  Perhaps this is what … Continue reading

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Ed and The Desert

Edward Abbey is the quintessential wilderness loner with a writing style as raw and blistering as the sun and landscape he describes. He has no patience with nor use for the soft “industrial tourist,” reserving his respect only for those … Continue reading

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A Good Neighbor

Tucked away in the Mission District of San Francisco is a two-room recording studio.  Letters bearing the name Tiny Telephone are falling off the door held open by a bungee cord, but it’s no big deal.  What matters is that … Continue reading

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Music on the Plateau

I hope when you visit national parks or monuments you take the time to stop at the visitor’s centers.  All offer books, calendars, t-shirts, hats, etc. tied to the place you are visiting or others nearby. There are also items … Continue reading

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