New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Talk about Art and Place — it doesn’t get more spot on than New Orleans and Jazz! Just walking down the street any ol’ day in that town is a musical treat! But holy smokes, folks, this is a fest-i-val!  Music from an unbelievable lineup from April 29-May 8.  Gotta be a way to get there!

What a lineup!  I’m not going to try to list them all but will post just a few:

New Orleans’ own:  Irma Thomas (sweet lady and oh so sweet voice), Allen Toussaint (behind more of your music than you have any idea), The Neville Brothers (The family of families), Ivan Neville & Dumstaphunk (relation? You bet!  Aaron’s son!) .

Others Comin’ to Play:  Cyndi Lauper (looking like, well, Cyndi Lauper!), Jimmy Buffett, Arcade Fire (yes, Canadians can come, too), Robert Plant (yes, it’s true.).

Click here for the Music Schedule page for April 29 just to see what’s available but be sure to give it a listen, too.  Not all artists have a “listen” option when you hover but many do.  For example, at the bottom of the page, about two-thirds to the right, from 6:00-7:00 on the Jazz & Heritage Stage, the New Orleans Nightcrawlers have a “listen.”  Click there and then just let it play while you browse the rest of the page and schedule!  Your own jazz sampler! Groove, funk, traditional, blues, oh yeah, it’s all gonna be there!

The Festival sponsor is Shell (guess they’re trying to improve their image) but don’t let that stop you.  You don’t have to buy their gas, just enjoy the sweet, sweet music they’re payin’ for!

Side note:  I won’t even start on the other New Orleans Art that will be available, the FOOD, but it’s all there.  Going to The Big Easy for the festival you get the best the city has to offer–music and food!  Oh yeah, Life is Good!

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I'm just someone who loves this beautiful earth. I feel that human beings may be writing their own final chapter by the general disregard for the natural systems and unwillingness to adapt to the conditions of our own creation. I believe that God created this world and everything in it, both living and nonliving. I also believe that he expects us to treat it well, to treat it with the same love and respect as He had for it during the creation. The commandment was not only to "multiply" but also to "replenish the earth." We can do better.
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