Importance of Place

Looking South from Canyon Ranch

Everything and everyone is in a place; that place changes according to both geography and personal perception. We want to talk about the elements of both place and art.

To start us on this journey from place to place, showing and perhaps discussing the art, natural, man-made, interpreted, etc. I will just say that I am, at this moment, in Springdale, a small town just outside of Zion National Park in Utah, in the United States. It’s a big world but this will give a mental map of my “place.” The art is the beauty of nature. If you’ve never been to Zion National Park, I invite you to find your way to this incredible canvas of natural art. You can find your own way to share your impressions.

About Karmen

I'm just someone who loves this beautiful earth. I feel that human beings may be writing their own final chapter by the general disregard for the natural systems and unwillingness to adapt to the conditions of our own creation. I believe that God created this world and everything in it, both living and nonliving. I also believe that he expects us to treat it well, to treat it with the same love and respect as He had for it during the creation. The commandment was not only to "multiply" but also to "replenish the earth." We can do better.
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